• Stiftung Genshagen
    2024-02-19 00:00:00

    Räume – Espaces – Przestrzenie

    Müge Bakır and Katharina Reinsbach, master students at the weißensee academy of art berlin, are showing a duo exhibition at Genshagen Castle that explores different artistic approaches to spaces and expands our view.

    In her current series of paintings, Müge Bakır depicts gardens. Gardens form an environment controlled, arranged and remodelled by humans. They are a piece of land where nature has lost its wilderness to order. If we consider the garden in terms of its core spatial characteristics, it is firstly a defined, self-contained space, a microcosm of its own, in which opposites stand side by side, clash, intermingle, overlap and sometimes even conflict with one another. On the other hand, it is a place that interacts with its surroundings in many different ways. In the "Hedges" series, Müge Bakır focusses on Baroque gardens, whose principles lay in the perfection of form and the design of nature.

    In the "Halbwissen" series, Katharina Reinsbach deals with fictionalised pictorial spaces based on small, printed sections of her own mobile phone photos. Her main interest lies in the relationship between drawing and the physical or historical space that she explores. She reflects on how images and pictorial spaces in general can function as a means of enabling viewers to establish relationships with unknown pictorial spaces or to place themselves mentally in them. For her, drawing is a tool for questioning collective perceptions of spaces and clarifying her own position within them. Her drawings always emerge from an interplay between her own observations of spatial conditions and an active fictional examination of experiences that are directly connected to the space.

    Müge Bakır and Katharina Reinsbach are both master students in the painting department of the weißensee academy of art berlin. Together with the art academy, the Genshagen Foundation invited students to submit proposals for an exhibition at Genshagen Castle.


  • 2024-02-29 00:00:00
    [College Events]

    Application MA-Spatial Strategies/ Bewerbung zum MA-Raumstrategien/

    We look forward to receiving your application.
    You still have the opportunity to apply until May 31 (with extension) for our Master's degree programm Spatial Strategies

    Start of studies: winter semester 24/25.

    If you have any questions, please contact Susan Lipp:
    Tel 030 47705342

    Info about the program:
    The two-year fee-based program is intended for graduates of universities and academies, artists, architects, culture and media scholars, designers, sociologists, scientists etc. who wish to acquire - after a one year professional experience - an additional artistic qualification and Master of Arts.

    Information on the complete application process can be found at


  • 2024-02-29 00:00:00
    MA Art Therapy [College Events]

    MA Art Therapy -Application-

    Application for the start of the summer semester 2025, starting in April 2025.

    You can apply via the online application portal until 15 September.
    If you have any questions, please contact Susan Lipp: 030 47705342

    Information on the complete application process for the continuing education programme in art therapy can be found at:


  • 2024-04-09 10:00:00
    [College Events]

    Info days / Tour / Portfolio consultations

    Dear prospective students,

    All important dates for our study information days, portfolio consultations and the annual tour can be found here:

    Dear prospective students,

    You can find all the important dates for our study information days, portfolio consultations and the annual open days here:


  • Burg Beeskow
    Frankfurter Straße 23 | 15848 Beeskow
    Opening: 13. April, 03:00 pm
    Duration: 13. April to 31. Dezember
    Opening hours: Oct–March: Tue–So 11–17:00
    April–September Tue–So: 10–18:00
    2024-04-12 00:00:00

    “colonial-local – we’re lifting the lid”

    The Oder-Spree Museum in Beeskow was founded in 1906 in order to showcase the history of the district Beeskow-Storkow. Today, however, the collection also contains exhibits from the north of Europe, the Pacific and Africa. Most of these non-local exhibits are from Namibia, formerly the colony German South-West Africa. And all of this throws up a lot of questions: How did these objects come to be in the Oder-Spree Museum in Beeskow? Do they constitute looted art? What do they have to do with big game hunting, the disappearance of Sorb place names, a missing explorer of Australia, the denazification process in a small town and the grocery shops in the local villages? And what should be our response if we discover objects like these in our collections? The Oder-Spree Museum is showing this collection of ethnological objects for the first time. The exhibition design by the Department of Visual Communication provides an overview of what could be learned up to now about the origin of these objects and what caused them to find their way to Beeskow. It also shows how global interdependencies can impact on local contexts. The exhibition will be opened on April 13, 2024 at 3 pm at Beeskow Castle. It arose as a cooperative venture between the Oder-Spree Museum, the Association of Museums in Brandenburg and the studio mut.und.anmut. of the weissensee school of at and design berlin.


  • 2024-05-23 00:00:00

    Exhibition: here, there

    24 - 31 May /// KUNSTRAUM Potsdamer Straße
    A collective exhibition of 10 students of painting and sculpture on the subject of autobiography.

    ‘here, there’ gives space to personal stories told in videos, installations, paintings and other media and interweaves these narratives from different perspectives. Despite the different biographies and transnationality of the individual artists, the exhibition unites the individual positions into a collective experience of interconnected human experiences.’
    Participating artists:
    Neda Aydin, Elena Mir Fakhraei, Anne Bolena, Anna Eigner, Tara Mianji, Mathilda Augart, Tibor Köhne, Phina Hansen, Soorena Petgar, Raras Umaratih

    KUNSTRAUM Potsdamer Straße
    Potsdamer Str. 65 - 67, multi-storey car park in the courtyard
    10785 Berlin

    Opening: 24.05.2024 at 6 pm

  • 2024-07-19 12:00:00

    Tour – Open house 2024

    On 20 and 21 July, the weißensee academy of art berlin will open its studios, workshops and laboratories for the ‘Rundgang - Tage der offenen Tür’ and provide insights into the work and research processes of young artists and designers on around 2,000 square metres of exhibition space.
    Students of Sculpture, Stage and Costume Design, Painting, Fashion Design, Product Design, Textile and Surface Design, Visual Communication and Artistic Design Fundamentals as well as the Master's degree programmes in Spatial Strategies and Art Therapy will present their work from the 2023/2024 academic year at the ‘Rundgang’. At the same time, more than 40 graduates of Sculpture and Painting will exhibit their final projects in the Adlerhalle in the Dragonerareal in Kreuzberg.

    Central exhibition of all disciplines
    weißensee academy of art berlin
    Bühringstraße 20, 13086 Berlin
    Sat-Sun, 20-21 July 2023, 12pm-8pm

    Central graduation exhibition of sculpture and painting
    ‘Nothing is impossible’
    Adlerhalle in the Dragonerareal
    Mehringdamm 20
    10961 Berlin
    18.07 - 21.07.2024
    Vernissage: 18.07.2024 from 18-22 o'clock
    Opening hours: 19.07 - 21.07 from 12-20h