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Dear students,

The new Maternity Protection Act came into force on 1.1.2018. Until now, female students were not included in the scope of this law. From the beginning of 2018, you too will enjoy special protection during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. In addition to the right to protection periods (6 weeks before and 8 weeks after giving birth), this also includes the possibility of compensating for disadvantages if examinations fall within this period.

Let us advise you on the subject of maternity leave, without obligation and confidential!


Confidential counselling and notification of pregnancy to the academy of art

You are welcome to come for a confidential talk to the student advisory service (Room A1.03): Thursdays from 10-12 o'clock or you can simply make an appointment at studienberatung(at)!

In order for you to be able to take advantage of this protection and the associated regulations, it is necessary that you report your pregnancy or breastfeeding to the university (§15 MuSchuG). We cannot oblige you to do this. However, we recommend it to you in order to inform you in time about your special rights in pregnancy and breastfeeding and to protect you from possible dangers.


What is this about?

Pregnant and breastfeeding female students are entitled to preventive protection within the framework of their studies, which involves a responsible balancing of interests between the welfare of the child and the self-determination of the woman. It is the responsibility of the university to offer the affected students an environment that enables them to continue their studies with as few restrictions as possible and to compensate for disadvantages, as well as to ensure that standards of protection are maintained, e.g. in the case of irresponsible risks.

Process flow

The first point of contact for students who would like information and advice on the subject of maternity leave in accordance with the new legal regulations and on studying with a child is the General Student Advisory Service, which is also available to help you organise your studies during maternity leave, parental leave and with child(ren).

If you are a pregnant or breastfeeding student and wish to exercise your maternity protection rights, you must register. You can obtain the registration form for this from the student advisory service. As proof of pregnancy, a copy of your maternity passport or equivalent documents stating the date of birth is sufficient. After registering for pregnancy and breastfeeding you are fully entitled to maternity protection rights. This includes compensation for disadvantages in the course of study and active protection against danger in the workshops and studios. If this protection cannot be guaranteed, appropriate bans on employment must be enforced. Due to the constantly changing handling of different (dangerous) substances in the processes of artistic creation, a risk assessment or an updating of the risk assessment is necessary in each individual case.

For this purpose, the workshop management and the study programme management are available if required. A form for this assessment is, if necessary, also available at the General Student Advisory Service and is also forwarded to the LAGetSi by the Student Advisory Service.

You are welcome to come for a confidential talk to the student advisory service: Thursdays from 14-17 o'clock or you can make an appointment at studienberatung(at) or by phone: Tue 14-16 o'clock, Wed 10-12 o'clock - Tel: (030) 47705 - 342

Contact: Susan Lipp, General Student Advisory Service, Room A 1.03

The consultation is anonymous and confidential.Further information can be obtained from the brochure "Studying with a child", which is also available from the general student advisory service in room A1.04. In addition, the studierendenWERK BERLIN offers special advisory services on the topic of studying with a child.


What does this mean for the students concerned?

Registration: Female students who are pregnant or breastfeeding can register their pregnancy and breastfeeding in order to be able to exercise their maternity rights at the university and to experience the appropriate protection provided by the university.The data will be forwarded to the State Office for Occupational Safety, Health Protection and Technical Safety for statistical purposes. At the university, the data will be treated confidentially and the persons concerned will be informed about how their data will be passed on. There is no obligation to register.Counselling: Independent of a registration, a counselling service is offered in which information is provided confidentially and without obligation about rights and obligations arising from the Maternity Protection Act.This includes:    Information on the legal basis    Compensation for disadvantages in the study and examination process    Information about potential hazards in work processes (workshops and working materials)    General information on parental leave/leave of absence/parental allowance    Breast and resting facilities    Please note: There is no legal entitlement to compensation for disadvantages which the university cannot offer at the time in question.For detailed questions you will find many answers in the FAQ.



Parent-child room and breastfeeding and quiet room

Children‘s room Student parents have the possibility to use this room. It is equipped with a couch and a crib. Although the room can be used as a place of retreat and rest, the key can be obtained at the gate. However, for proper childcare, you should look outside the academy. Support for student parents - and those who will become parents - is offered by the StudierendenWERK Berlin. You can find the addresses in the glossary. Information on the organization of studies during pregnancy as well as with child/s is available in the Student Advisory Service, Room A 1.03. In addition, the StudierendenWERK offers special advisory services on the topic: Studying with a child.



Susan Lipp
General student advisory service
Room A1.03

Please send your request by e-mail 
or please contact us by phone:

030 47705 -342 or -324 (Tue - Thu 10 - 15 h, Tue until 17 h)). 

Personal counseling on maternity leave as well as study organization is offered by Susan Lipp in room A1.03, from September always on Tuesdays from 14 - 17 h. and Thursdays from 10 - 12 h.



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