Application period (Sudy start April 2025)

March 1 - September 15, 2024 

Admission is only granted for the summer semester.

Date of the entrance exam (only after passing the pre-selection) will be determined in September.
Period: End of October / weekend Fri/Sat
Location: Parkklinik-Berlin-Weißensee


Access link to the MA Art Therapy application portal

To apply for a place as a Master's student in Art Therapy at weißensee kunsthochschule berlin, please use the online application portal Campuscore. The online application procedure is always open from 1 March to 15 September (23:59 h CET). You can get help with registering and creating your application, as well as useful tips, through the guide.


Requirements for participation in the application and admission procedures

  •  At least 3 years of completed artistic, pedagogical, psychological or medical university studies or an equivalent international degree or, in exceptional cases, a special professional qualification (see admission regulations).
  • Proof of professional experience in a field of psychosocial care, usually for one year after graduation. This can also be part-time work; in total, it must then correspond to at least one year of full-time work.
  • A portfolio (see pdf Notes on the portfolio) that includes at least 20 recent works of the applicant's artistic activity.
  • A written statement - a short description of the context in which the work was created and possibly interpreting texts as well as a letter of motivation.
  • International applicants must also provide proof of language proficiency corresponding to the completed qualification level C1. For admission, the examination certificate: for example Testdaf 4, DSH 2,Telc C1 Hochschule, or the C1 language certificate UDK must be submitted. For more information, see below, under "International applicants".


Procedure of the application and admission process


Online application in the period 1.3. - 18.9. via Campuscore.
This is followed by the review of your documents by the members of the Art Therapy Admission Committee.
2nd step:

Only applicants who pass the pre-selection will receive an invitation to the entrance examination end of September.
for the entrance examination and must send further documents by post in advance:

  •     an application form
  •     and your certificates
  •     a bank transfer receipt for the fee of 150,- EUR for the entrance examination.

Please do not send us any unsolicited documents!
Step 3:

Participation in the access exam:
Friday, 20.10. or Saturday, 21.10.2023 at the Parkklinik, Berlin.

    Please bring your original portfolio to the entrance examination.

The procedure consists of a multi-part workshop:
Each applicant has to participate

    in an interview with at least two lecturers

    in a multi-part artistic procedure that shows whether he/she can develop the creativity necessary for art therapy.

Step 4:

The applicants will receive the notification of the result of the entrance examination in November.

Upon admission: you will first receive the further education contract from Kunsttherapie Berlin including the study plan for the year 2023. The contract must be signed and returned by 15 January  at the latest.

Only then will you receive the documents for enrolment at weißensee kunsthochschule berlin via the application portal.


Additional information for international applicants

  •    The certified translation in German or English of the degree certificate as well as the proof of professional practice.
  •     Language certificate level C1(DSH 2, TestDaF 4, Telc C1 Hochschule or C1 examination of the Goethe Institute)
  •     Copy of valid passport (only for admission)
  • All applicants from Germany or abroad are treated equally in the application procedure, provided that international applicants can prove the required German language skills. (Exempt are German native speakers and those who can present a German Abitur or a German secondary school leaving certificate). At weißensee kunsthochschule berlin all courses and lectures are offered in German only.
  • International applicants must provide proof of at least a language certificate corresponding to the completed qualification level B2.2 at the time of application. Please upload your most recent language certificate or a course confirmation of your current language course as a pdf file in the application portal. The examination certificate of the required level C1: for example DSH 2, TestDaF 4, Telc C1 Hochschule or C1 examination of the UdK must be submitted at the latest for admission. In exceptional cases, a certificate of registration for the language examination or proof of completion of a B2 course is also sufficient for admission. Please note that the relevant examination certificate must be submitted by the start of the degree programme at the latest.
  • The higher education entrance qualification and Bachelor's or university degree certificates must be recognised in Germany. International certificates must be submitted in German or English and as certified copies. If the certificates are not issued in German or English, an officially certified translation must also be submitted.
  • Applicants from China/Vietnam are also required to submit the APS certificate.
  • Under specific circumstances, applicants who are unable to provide proof of their qualifications due to their flight can be granted a reduction in the requirement for proof of qualifications. The examination is carried out by the Department of Student Affairs.


Tuition fees

Fees: from 1.4.2023: 4.920 € (410 € per month)
Degree: "Master of Arts

Plus each semester: 109.09 € administrative fees (registration or administration fee, social contribution, ASTA) and optionally 203.80 € semester ticket (Berlin ABC).


Further information

For special question about the program:

or or for general questions about the application process:


Susan Lipp
General student advisory service
Room A1.03

Please send your request by e-mail 
or please contact us by phone: 030 47705 -342 (Tue-  Thu 10 -15 h, Tue until 17 h).

Personal office hours:
Tue 14 - 17 h and Thu 10 - 12 h and by appointment
For a personal appointment, please contact us in advance by telephone or in writing.




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