Fine Arts/ Stage- and Costume Design


Information and deadlines portfolio submission

  • After successful online registration(1.11.-11.12.2023) for the access exam, you will receive all necessary instructions for portfolio submission no later than December 22.

  • Digital or analog portfolio submission deadline: January 15 2024.

  • Based on your work, the next step is to decide on admission to the entrance exam.

  • You will receive further info and the exact dates for the entrance exam (19.02.-23.02.2024) in the invitation letter.


The Department of Stage & Costume offer an individual portfolio consultatio via video conference (Prof. Hageneier) on December 6, 2023.

If you are interested, please email buehnenbild(at)

We will then email you a personal time slot and the location, or the access link to the video conference.

For the personal online consultation, we recommend that you document your own work photographically beforehand so that you can then present and discuss it digitally via screen sharing during the video conference.


Notes on the digital portfolio in the department of stage and costume design

The format of the portfolio submission as well as the access exam will be determined at the application start. At the end of October, you will find the current guidelines and exact dates of the access exam, which will take place in mid-February 2024.

Digital portfolio (from Feb 2023)

The portfolio size is limited to the  maximum of 45 MB and should consist of up to 30 images (scans or photos, summarized in a pdf-document: You can find help with the creation here in the pdf-downloads. The works are evaluated, not their presentation.

DOWNLOAD: Technical advise for the creation of a PDF
DOWNLOAD: Tips for designing a portfolio for stage/costume

General notes on the structure of the portfolio:

  • No topic, no form is specified by the department, but the portfolio should include some works dealing with representational, spatial and figurative representation.
  • It is important that the works in the portfolio are individually designed and, in addition to a basic artistic aptitude and creativity, also express that the applicants are applying for your desired field of study.
  • A good selection of works is important, because the first task when applying for a place at university is to think intensively about your own artistic identity, talents and goals.
  • The portfolio should make it possible to recognize the creative artistic personality of the applicants. Works that can be seen to have been created under guidance should be avoided. Artistic and creative work samples that show a certain continuity and intensity are highly desirable. In addition, drawing has a high value in all courses of study. Student projects and works on our website can serve as inspiration.
  • The folder should contain a loose collection of current works such as artistic works (i.e. paintings, watercolors, prints, drawings, etc.) and also works such as idea sketches, photographic works, experiments and designs.  Please sort your works according to relevance, that means the most important ones to the front.
  • If you want to present videos, film works or animations, do not upload them publicly in a portal like Vimeo or YouTube and insert the link at the appropriate place in the PDF. The video presentations should not be longer than 5 minutes in total. We cannot open channels such as Instagram or external websites, so please provide very short, simple, keyword information about each work on the medium/size/technique, possibly date.
  • The works will be evaluated, not their presentation. We ask to renounce decorative elements like passepartouts, typography, gifs or clipart.