Räume – Espaces – Przestrzenie

Stiftung Genshagen
2024-02-20 00:00:00

Räume – Espaces – Przestrzenie

Müge Bakır and Katharina Reinsbach, master students at the weißensee academy of art berlin, are showing a duo exhibition at Genshagen Castle that explores different artistic approaches to spaces and expands our view.

In her current series of paintings, Müge Bakır depicts gardens. Gardens form an environment controlled, arranged and remodelled by humans. They are a piece of land where nature has lost its wilderness to order. If we consider the garden in terms of its core spatial characteristics, it is firstly a defined, self-contained space, a microcosm of its own, in which opposites stand side by side, clash, intermingle, overlap and sometimes even conflict with one another. On the other hand, it is a place that interacts with its surroundings in many different ways. In the "Hedges" series, Müge Bakır focusses on Baroque gardens, whose principles lay in the perfection of form and the design of nature.

In the "Halbwissen" series, Katharina Reinsbach deals with fictionalised pictorial spaces based on small, printed sections of her own mobile phone photos. Her main interest lies in the relationship between drawing and the physical or historical space that she explores. She reflects on how images and pictorial spaces in general can function as a means of enabling viewers to establish relationships with unknown pictorial spaces or to place themselves mentally in them. For her, drawing is a tool for questioning collective perceptions of spaces and clarifying her own position within them. Her drawings always emerge from an interplay between her own observations of spatial conditions and an active fictional examination of experiences that are directly connected to the space.

Müge Bakır and Katharina Reinsbach are both master students in the painting department of the weißensee academy of art berlin. Together with the art academy, the Genshagen Foundation invited students to submit proposals for an exhibition at Genshagen Castle.

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