Wintersemester 2016/2017, BA/MA Produkt-Design eLab

Reactive Light

Lighting is a classic and fascinating topic for designers, especially now where LED and OLEDs with their completely different form factors are challenging lamp archetypes. Emerging hybrid technologies and the multitude of nostalgic products are clear indicators of this transitional phase we are in. In the Reactive Light project we focussed on light as an ever changing natural phenomenon that inspired us to develop new forms of artificial lighting. We explored the possibilities of the latest lighting technologies and at the same time created rich and enjoyable interactions demonstrated through functional prototypes.

This project took a fresh approach to designing a lamp for a smart and connected world, whilst taking account of the many rich cultural traditions and design contributions which exist in the field of lighting. Aside from a basic understanding of the phenomenon of light, its physiological effect, and also an introduction to lighting technology, we wanted to investigate the possibilities for improving the inter-relationship between lighting and environment. What untapped creative potential lies within the concept that lighting could develop an understanding of its environment? What means would an inanimate object use to express itself, and how can one tangibly design communication to interact with such an object?

Participants Simon von Schmude, Dario Jérôme Dammé, Christoph Volbers, Alissa Wolter, Peter Sörries, Prak Piakot, Ying Li, Xinyue Yang, Maria Braun, Mattis Obermann, Henning Horstmann
Supervision Felix Groll, Prof. Carola Zwick
Project categorySemester Project Project subjects BA/MA Produkt-Design
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